Empowerment of individuals to deliver spectacular results

The next component is the human environment. Physical environment itself does not make any institute a great one. An enabling human environment, consisting of the faculty, the non-teaching staff, participants and the students is required where each of the group members will feel empowered and willingly take more responsibilities as they take pride in being associated with the institution. The focus of the institution is to develop people with a sense of value.

We give importance to faculty development. Faculty quality will be the cornerstone of our institute.  Ultimately the competent faculty who had developed excellence in the academic system would help others to grow and develop.

Our brand will stand upon the human environment we would develop. We would build a strong intellectual quotient over a period of time. We strive to evoke the emotions of respect, admiration and appreciation among all its stakeholders. We are sure if we can create such a strong human environment, it would create a strong faculty and non-faculty connect.

New people who would join do not even need to be told about the vision or the mission of ours. They can feel the mission and vision in the air. In short we would build an academy of consensus, commitment and ownership.

Our institution would pursue multiple goals in the areas of teaching, research, global linkages and developmental initiatives. It will be characterized by its culture of openness and transparency and it would invest heavily in talent acquisition and management.

At IICMR Academy the core faculty comprises distinguished academicians from the best institutions and leading professionals from the banking and corporate world with rich industry experience. Besides carrying out industry oriented consultancy and applied research, the Faculty have authored numerous books and published research papers.

The students get a different insight into the subjects with the rich industry experience the faculty shares with each of them. They encourage the students to look beyond the books and explore the subject with experiential learning.

IICMR Academy engaged in the development of a strategic plan for continuing faculty growth. It Conducts various Faculty Development Programmes viz., Orientation Programmes, Effectiveness Programmes, Domain Refresher Programmes and Specialised Programmes regularly.

Building linkages with various components of society

We want to create an ecosystem with multiple linkages with the key components of society, like the industry, civil society, opinion leaders or the political system.

At IICMR Academy, a dedicated Counselling Cell guides students in their future career. Right education, industry-oriented curriculum and perfect grooming ensures that IICMR PGDBM students get placed in coveted banks with reasonably gross salary packages.

Organizing seminars and Conferences

IICMR is not only an institution to provide education for banking specialization, but is also an educational trust which is devoted to Fundamental and Secondary Researches and Exploratory Studies in Management. Hence seminars and conferences will be a regular activity for the institution. This would not only help IICMR to disseminate its knowledge on banking and major financial facets but also invites expertise from various domains to participate in the knowledge dissemination process. The research team would include both the students and teachers and they will be privileged to share and exchange their views and present their publications through these seminars and conferences.

This process of conducting seminars and conferences would not only help in disseminating knowledge but also in promotion of the institute through publications, journals, word of mouth as well as media in some cases. Thus organizing seminars and conferences on regular basis would be one of the most import activities of IICMR.

At least 2 seminars a year will be organized jointly by IICMR and IICMR Academy. One seminar will be more academic, where quality papers will be presented. The other one will be a platform for banking professionals. The second one may be delivered in collaboration with CII, ICC or other chambers of Commerce.


Life After IICMR

The main objective of IICMR Academy is to enhance the career prospects of the students and hence provide an overall guidance to the same. IICMR Academy will arrange various activities such as guest lectures by CMDs and other officials from different banks which will provide opportunities to students, to interact with each other, they will have different workshop programs to help them to get acquainted to the bank culture and IICMR Academy will also prepare students for different banking examinations.

Apart from various academic programs, students will be provided with career counselling and training on soft skills and would also be exposed to practice group sessions, mock test and mock interview till the placement.  The entire placement process is a collaborative effort between students and IICMR Academy where IICMR Academy gives its best to provide support to the students for fetching a perfect job and the students are also expected to take responsibility of making the best possible efforts for obtaining suitable job. Banking sector essentially provides job to a large number. of individuals. Workforce of any bank is responsible to a large extent for its productivity and profitability, thus a satisfied, happy and hard working employee is the biggest asset of any organization, including banks. Banks usually put efforts to provide excellent conditions to satisfy their employees.

Beside good remuneration, banks provide employees with different benefits such as annual cash bonuses, medical allowances, special interest rates on different types of loans, retirement benefits and many others and they continually evaluate and review the benefits to ensure a strong competitive environment so that they can be in line with the employee needs. Many private banks also provide with different personality grooming session, different development opportunities and support in enhancing the employees’ career.