IICMR Centre for Advanced Research

IICMR will be focussing on advanced level researches. IICMR may be invited to conduct research for any organization to resolve any organizational bottleneck. We may provide business intelligence through our team of analytics. We will also have a team dedicated to the needs of the MSME organizations. We will also have a team to help the Indian Banking sector through workshops and training in the field of modern banking and risk management.

Academic Research, Publication and Programs

IICMR would like to have expertise in researches in the following major areas:

Economy, Banking and Financial Markets

Risk Management

Policy and Regulations

New Areas of Development

At the micro level problem arises when these things are to be handled. Banks these days employ “Relationship Managers” to be the face of the bank with customers directly. Many a time customers do not find satisfaction with the after sale services of the bank. The problem sometimes lies on the attitude of the relationship managers employed and also on the knowledge they posses. We at IICMR look forward to bring a new service orientation in banking.

RBI has various guidelines on Credits policies. Each branch bank is responsible to follow these guidelines and accordingly cater to the needs of the customers. We would research to provide private banks with data and ways to follow the guideline. It would be an attempt to provide a path of executing and implementing policies.

IICMR would also research on new areas, which need an improvement in today’s banking industry:-
1. Attitude based
New entrants to the bank need to have a particular attitude that is necessary to cater to customers. This is because a customer’s relationship with a bank is not limited to just an account opening or buying a credit card. It goes on for a life time in most cases. Hence, the bank representative needs to critically understand this.
IICMR courseware would be framed in such a way that we can train these new employees to deal best with the clients.

2. Perspective
Employees’ perspective is important in a bank. With the target oriented work pressure today, employees tend to concentrate on customers just as a target. But they need to understand that’s not where the relation ends.

3. Reviving Old Data
IICMR would research to provide banks with data, that would be useful for generating a new base as well as provide better service. This would be done in two ways. We would train our students to know how to extract and revive old relationships and also provide data mining facility to banks.
We would like to analyze, benchmark, survey and trend analysis of the banking areas. A thorough research team will be conducting research on Internal audit and risk management architecture.