A physical environment that encourages intellectually stimulating interactions

The physical environment encourages interactions among students, participants of training programs and faculty members. It would encourage all of them to learn from one another. It starts from the classroom design to a common space for faculty members, participants in training programs and students as well which would encourage an interaction amongst all. In the coming years we would try to make it a Globally Benchmarked Infrastructure and makeour endeavour to make ourselves at par with the top institutions around the world. IICMR Academy would provide the ideal environment to stimulate interactive learning.

In order to benchmark IICMR Academy with the best academic institutions around the world, our faculty and senior team members have to travel a lot to imbibe the best practices, so that students get the best environment to pursue their dreams. Infrastructure facilities at IICMR provide the right ambience to stimulate interactive learning.

  • Spacious, air-conditioned cozy classrooms provide the most conducive environment for dynamic and focused discussions
  • Wi-fi environment wherein students are connected with wireless laptops to access the world anytime, anywhere. The center is also being connected with unique video conferencing to our sister institutes in Bangladesh.
  • Cutting edge learning tools
  • Cafeteria offering nutritious and wholesome food to ensure a well-balanced diet
  • Recreation Centre to refresh minds during the hectic daily schedule