IICMR Academy is envisioned as a rich and diverse learning community, with students, teachers, research scholars professionals, bankers and finance professionals from across India and Bangladesh. We believe in the traditional definition of an academy as a place where highly motivated people of differing backgrounds and aspirations may pursue both knowledge and personal growth in a stimulating environment.

We truly want to make IICMR an institute of higher education with to create a wealth of opportunities for international experiences both on-and off-campus.

At IICMR Academy, education with an international perspective implies not only the content of our study programs, research partnerships with banks- both Indian and overseas. It also means an on-campus academic delivery that encourages our students in the knowledge, skills and attitudes to succeed in a world marked by forces of interdependence and rapid change that cross all borders.

We owe it to our students, to ourselves, and to the future of civilization to see ourselves as citizens of a broader world, and to embrace this destiny. At IICMR we seek conscientiously to break down barriers between people and to prepare our students for lives of leadership and service in this new and exciting age.

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