IICMR- An Introduction


IICMR is a Research Institute which would endeavour to engage itself in the research and publication in contemporary areas in management. It would publish a bi-annual peer reviewed journal and organize seminars, conferences, workshops and executive education programs. IICMR Academy, a constituent of IICMR will provide campus based post graduate programs in Management. Primarily the area of focus of IICMR will be banking and its allied areas.




Indian Institute of Contemporary Management Research (IICMR) is an educational trust which is devoted to Fundamental and Secondary Researches and Exploratory Studies in Management. It would help corporate bodies, banks, financial institutions, governmental organizations, developmental organizations, NGOs and academic institutions with its research outputs.

IICMR will arrange knowledge dissemination by conducting seminars, conferences, workshops, executive development programs and symposia. It would invite experts from various domains to participate in those knowledge dissemination process.

IICMR at the initial stage consists of two divisions: IICMR Centre for Advanced Research and IICMR Academy. IICMR Centre for Advanced Research plays pivotal role in research, publication, content development, organizing seminars, conferences and knowledge dissemination processes. IICMR Academy provides several postgraduate programs in Banking, Finance and several other professional domains. These two divisions will function independently in many matters of governance and financing.



IICMR was envisioned by Prof. Arup Choudhuri. As a teacher at the Post Graduate level, acclaimed researcher on SAARC studies, academic administrator of two pan Indian B-schools, trainer at international level and a visionary, Prof. Choudhuri conceived of an institution which will be a depository of knowledge and which would make metamorphosis in people through its dissemination of knowledge.

Prof. Keshab Chandra Choudhuri, a veteran academician who was a Professor and Head of Calcutta University provided an initial sum of Rupees fifty thousand as the settlor to form a trust called IICMR. Prof. Arup Choudhuri and Dr. Kanika Chattopadhyay are the trustees to take care of the maiden institute.

The P.C. Chandra Group, one of the most prestigious business groups from Bengal has provided a place with three classrooms and some space for academic administration. It is indeed a magnanimity of the senior management of the group.

IICMR will have a seven member executive governing board headed by a Dean. It has the ultimate responsibility for IICMR’s programs and resources and for the overall well-being of the organization. It meets approximately once a month, and its duties include the review and approval of budgets, major capital projects, tuition and fees, and various major program initiatives.



Our mission is to develop:

1. High quality research output

2. Excellence in teaching-learning process

3. A quality administrative backbone

3. Exceptional concepts and models in management

Banking as the Focus Area of IICMR


Banking as the Focus Area of IICMR:

IICMR identified Banking as its area of focus. It would endeavour to provide high calibre academic research in the field of banking. We also foster the teaching of banking subjects to bridge the industry–academia gap. Drawing on the wide experience of thecore and associate members, IICMR offers expert analysis of the economic and business environment that affects the banking and financial sector.

Banking is an expanding industry and making its presence felt in other industries as well! It may pave the way to work in two industries one loves: such as agriculture and banking, technology and banking, SME and banking….


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